Jerry Augustyniak

Specialties: Drums & Percussion

Experience In The Music Field:
"I've been playing professionally for 37 years"

Favorite Instrument:
"Well I like the drums because they're loud.  It feels good to play them!"

Why He Enjoys Teaching Music:
"Those odd moments when you can influence young minds...priceless"

Why Music Is A Passion:
"It's always been around me growing could be in my DNA...I think 
musical passion is in everyone's DNA!"


Musical Inspiration:
"All the music and all the radio and all the records I played and listened to growing up...and I'm still growing up!"

Any Other Interesting Facts:
Drummer for 10,000 Maniacs from February 1983 to Present.  Subject of June 1993 and May 1998 articles, Modern Drummer Magazine.  Recorded several tracks (unreleased).  Three years of music theory and popular music history at State University College of New York at Buffalo.  Jerry studied drums and percussion under Mr. Rowland of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (Michael Thomas, Conductor) as well as doing endorsements for DW Drums, Zildjian Cymbals and Regal Tip Drumsticks. Platinum and gold recordings include 10,000 Maniacs “Blind Man Zoo” and “Our Time in Eden” to name a few.  Several tours of Western Europe, Canada and South America as well as USO shown in Panama, Kuwait and Bahrain. Performed at two Presidential Inaugural Balls (1993 and 1997) as well as sharing the stage with R.E.M., the Grateful Dead the Wallflowers, World Party, Michael Stipe, Camper Van Beethoven, Fairport Convention, David Byme, Paul McCartney, Adrian Belew, Jerry Marotta, Tim Finn and Maceo Parker among others.

Learn more about Jerry band on their website: 10000 Maniacs 


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